frequently asked questions...

Our pastors would be glad to try to answer any of your questions, but the ones below are asked pretty often.

  • What happens at a firstnaz worship service?

    Worship services usually start with high-energy music or a short video. Next, someone announces upcoming events, we enjoy more music, and receive an offering. Then Bible teaching, prayer, and we're done around noon.

  • What should I expect my first time?

    Expect to to meet people like you in a relaxed atmosphere. Greeters will show you to our children's area or to our sanctuary where the worship service takes place. Expect modern music. Expect our pastors to teach how to have a relationship with God. Expect GREAT coffee!

  • What does firstnaz believe?

    We're a Christian church. We believe that our lives should reflect our faith in Jesus. We believe that everyone needs a relationship with God, and that we should give them a chance to connect with Him. For a formal statement of beliefs, click here.