Frequently Asked Questions...

Contact the church office if you have a question not answered below. 

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  • What should I expect my first time?

    As you enter the front doors, you will be greeted by many friendly faces. Greeters will help in showing you to the sanctuary, where the worship service is held; child care is provided. Our pastors do an incredible job each week teaching how to have a relationship with God.  

  • What is the worship service like

    Worship services usually start with worshiping through music and/or a short video. Someone will announce upcoming events. After some more music, we dive into the Bible to better learn how to mature in our walk with God. 

    (Ending around 12:00pm, we are done just in time for lunch!)

  • What does firstnaz believe?

    We're a Christian church. We believe that our lives should reflect our faith in Jesus and that everyone should have the chance to connect with Him as well. For a formal statement of beliefs, click here.